Friday 30 November 2018

My account of the Met Police preventing me from any chance of gaining justice against thug

This one-off blog post is an account of my battles with the Metropolitan Police Service in attempting to gain justice for myself, after an assault by an overweight, middle-aged black man by the name of Paul Stewart on the 23rd December 2015 in a car park in Wimbledon. I will detail how the Metropolitan Police Service not only did not provide a service, but in fact went out of their way to prevent me from receiving any form of justice against this thug.

I intend for this blog to remain a single post but because of the amount of detail which I would like to record for posterity, I will be working on it and so editing it on a number of occasions.

It's a real shame that I feel that I have to do this, as it makes me look as if I have a bad attitude. I really don't. It is really upsetting to me that I have been denied any form of justice. People need to remember that when they read through this.

Me - 30th November 2018
Last updated: 25th July 2019, plus previous individual updates here and here

The following is a list of people who will be appearing in my account eventually:

Paul Stewart: overweight, middle-aged black man who drives a black BMW (what a surprise), who stormed out of his car in a car park in Wimbledon after having repeatedly beeped at me for having the temerity of driving slowly while looking for a parking space. He threatened me then yanked my own car key out of the ignition and threw it hard in my face, hitting my nose, resulting in a very nasty cut (which a police officer described as "gruesome" and ABH) and has left me with a small scar.

DC Lara Winters: detective constable with Merton CID, treated me as if I was as bad as this thug Paul Stewart. Failed to keep me informed as to what was going on with the legal process, with Paul Stewart being able to dupe gullible magistrates into believing that charging him after he accepted a caution for assault, even though the caution was set aside (and remains set aside as far as I know), was an "abuse of process". Frankly, this case should have been treated as a hate crime, what with a black man repeatedly beeping at a white man before then assaulting him. It may well have been treated as a hate crime if it had been the other way round.

Natasha Dunn: paralegal with the Metropolitan Police, with no sense whatsoever of morality, decency or ethics. More...

Para-legal / legal executive and seemingly part-time glamour model Natasha Dunn.
Tried to get the police to take action against me for copying her in on an email (she failed).

Justine Greening MP: see short description.

Along with other people featured on this site, the following two, judges(!), are corrupt. The Cambridge Dictionary definition for corruption fits these two, district judge John Hugman and judge Alan Saggerson, really well:
illegal, bad, or dishonest behaviour, especially by people in positions of power

District Judge John Hugman: judge at Wandsworth County Court who is deceitful. When I appealed against a rejected second attempt to get the evidence I needed from the Met Police, he could've simply referred to what he saw as being the law in dismissing my appeal. Instead, he quoted a phrase out of a sentence out of a paragraph that I had written, in so doing completely changing the meaning. I dropped off two letters at Wandsworth County Court addressed to him. If he wasn't being deceitful then he could've written me a short reply apologising. He didn't, therefore proving that he is an unpleasant, deceitful abuser.

Judge Alan Saggerson: judge at the County Court at Central London who is either a moron or is equally deceitful. He says in an order that, "there is no other compelling reason why an appeal should be heard" against Hugman's decision. You don't think that the fact that he was deceitful is a reason?? If so then you're a morality-free idiot and another judge whose position is totally without merit.

Very old photo of deceitful moron judge Alan Saggerson

Both judges have an arrogant refusal to actually argue their case in front of a member of the public, preferring instead to hold secret hearings. It is sheer pompous arrogance. They have got themselves into a lifelong position and are now abusing that privilege. They are a total disgrace.

If people are treated badly by those in authority then you can only expect them to respond negatively. With judges like these two deceitful prats, I have absolutely no respect for the law whatsoever.

If the behaviour of people in authority is bad, then you have no right to complain when members of the public behave badly too.

You might complain nonetheless, but the totally understandable response will be, "I couldn't care less what you think".

For all the people mentioned on this blog: when you come across members of the public who have behaved badly, whether criminally or otherwise, just remember that YOUR behaviour has negatively influenced the nature of British society. In your own way, YOU have brought it upon yourself.

Disagree with that? I couldn't care less what you think.

[more people to come]

A general comment has to be made about the Metropolitan Police: while endlessly moaning about lack of resources, and despite crime going up and detection rates going down, seem to have no shortage of resources when it comes to their legal department.

Dealing with the police regarding this matter has taken up a huge amount of my time. It has taken up what must be a really significant amount of time for the police as well. Also, as I have so little money, the police are not able to recover any costs from me. For example, the one time when I was able to get this matter to court cost the Met Police a £255 court fee! Just like that, £255 down the drain. Then there is the cost of Natasha Dunn's time, that of Arron Moss's time (the lawyer in the Met who prepared the paperwork for this hearing), and then the cost of the barrister who represented the Met in court, who no doubt would have cost a small fortune.

All wasted money. Not only that, but it's wasted money in the pursuit of trying to prevent someone from being able to start private legal action in an attempt to gain justice against a violent man.