Natasha Dunn

Natasha Dunn (nee Gopaul): paralegal with the Metropolitan Police, with no sense whatsoever of morality, decency or ethics. Thinks that being successful in a legal battle (and one where I had used the wrong form for the wrong reason and was faced with a barrister), is somehow justification for not handing over a small amount of material to enable me to take out a personal injury claim against Paul Stewart. Yeah, who cares what emotional impact your actions have, as long as you're just doing your job, right? An absolutely appalling, psychopathic attitude.

Was informed for sure in September, but really much earlier in the year, that I wanted to take out a personal injury claim against this thug, and yet didn't do anything until the beginning of December, and even then only the absolute bare minimum. Hasn't got back to me since then, despite being well aware of the deadline. Will probably try to twist things round somehow and make out that I am in the wrong for creating this blog. Has no empathy whatsoever for anyone she deals with.

Natasha Dunn, from her public LinkedIn profile (no scars on her face)
And look how vain she is! Also, what does she think she is, a glamour model?!

More photos to come in time...

I have been successfully denied justice by this woman, who protected a violent, thuggish black man. I'm certainly not going to feel bad at displaying some photos of her. I am going to leave this blog up for years to come, or until I get justice. This person doesn’t even think that she should apologise to me, let alone apologise profusely. What an incredibly bad attitude.

You can find her on LinkedIn here, where she throws a load of keywords around and boasts about her legal successes, ignoring the emotional impact those may have had on her victims:

Just remember the photo above when you read her profile - she is a narcissistic psychopath who couldn't care less about who she tramples on along the way. Her husband is a police officer, part of the massively corrupt Metropolitan Police force.

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