Document emailed to Natasha Dunn in May 2019

22nd April 2019

Natasha Dunn and others
Metropolitan Police Service

Re:  Nihilistic attitude of Natasha Dunn and lawyers (including judges) and my response

To Natasha Dunn and others who eventually read it,

I’ve numbered the points in this letter as it should help to make the different issues more clear, plus it will help to stop me repeating myself.


1.       As you already know, and as will quickly become clear in this letter, I am absolutely furious at the behaviour of many (although not all) members of the British authorities that I have had dealings with over the past few years.

2.       I strongly feel that my attitude is completely justified, along with being completely understandable, once the huge efforts I have taken to try and gain justice are taken into account.

3.       As I write this, I have to consider whether I am just being a bit childish in my response. But if I am then what would the adult thing to do be? You need to bear in mind here that I have a very good memory and so know that I will never forget things like this. Considering what happened, including me being left with a scar on my nose, and my Dad having to drive up from Dorset that Christmas Eve in what was a 5-hour roundtrip for him, just to bring me the spare car key, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to be extremely keen to get justice.

4.       How can I let something like this go, when I still remember being bullied and punched in the face at school in 1993 and 1994, and being punched so hard in the face in 2003 that it sent me flying to the floor of a Sutton supermarket, but in neither case getting justice?

5.       Surely the adult thing to do is to write letters, request evidence, ask for help from those in authority, in an attempt to take private legal action when the authorities have let me down?

6.       Having then done the above, to find that the British authorities not only not help me but actually go out of their way to prevent me being able to take legal action against the thug who assaulted me, has left me furious with the British authorities.

7.       Just to add insult on top of insult to injury, when I am asked not to contact Natasha by her line manager and respond to that with an email which Natasha is merely copied in on, to have her then report me to the police, is just so amazingly bad it’s insane.

8.       In conclusion just to the introduction to this letter, if the British authorities treat people badly then you cannot complain (in any moralistic sense) when people react negatively. I am going to pursue this issue until the day I receive justice. If that means contacting Natasha Dunn, her husband Bradley and even her parents, then so be it. If it means maintaining a blog for years to come, on which I feature Natasha Dunn and various other members of the British authorities, such as the two deceitful judges that I have come across, then again, so be it.

9.       I’m the one with a scar on my nose, not Natasha. I’m the one who had to abandon my car that night and walk home, not Natasha. I’m the one who had to have my Dad carry out a 5-hour roundtrip that Christmas Eve just to bring me the spare car key, not Natasha. In short, I’m the victim here, not Natasha.

Natasha’s letter

10.   I never received that letter at the time.

11.   You say that you found my “comments and behaviour to be offensive and intrusive”.

12.   You spent all year trying to prevent me getting my hands on evidence which I needed to be able to take out private legal action against someone who assaulted me, leaving me with a scar on my nose.

13.   This was despite the fact that I had tried to reach out to your humanity early in the year.

14.   If not before then at least in September, when it would have been clear to the police that I was only going to take out a personal injury claim, you could’ve sent me that material.

15.   Even from September you still refused point-blank to send me that material.

16.   You were well aware that I had a time limit. Despite that, on top of the above, you ignored emails from me.

17.   You successfully ran down the clock, thereby denying me justice. As a response, I created a blog, and on the 21st December 2018 I wrote a comment on your public Facebook page.

18.   That was an entirely justifiable response.

19.   You say that you found it intrusive. But what choice did I have when you had deliberately run down the clock and on top of that, ignored my emails?

20.   You had even gone so far as to employ a bloody barrister to try and stop me getting my hands on that material.

21.   You not just refused to help me, despite me trying to reach out to your humanity, you actually went out of your way to stop me. Do you seriously think that you should be able to go through life, treating people like dirt, and then not to receive a negative response?

22.   As for finding my comments offensive – good. You absolutely deserve it.

23.   Regarding reporting this “incident” to the police, since when was writing a message on someone’s public Facebook page a crime?

24.   I hearby inform you that I wasn’t even contacted by the Metropolitan Police about the above.

25.   With all of the above in mind, I find your behaviour to be utterly despicable.

Reporting me to the police

26.   Following on from the above section, I mentioned that I didn’t receive that letter from you at the time. If I had done so, I would have immediately responded to you. Since when can a person say to someone else that they don’t want that other person to contact them but criticise them at the same time, and then complain when that person responds to the criticism?

27.   Responding to that criticism is one of the things I am doing with this letter.

28.   I was flabbergasted when, in February, a detective contacted me, wanting me to come in for an interview under caution. The alleged “offence”? When your line manager sent me an email in January, asking me not to contact you, and I replied to her, copying you in. Are you insane?

29.   I refused to come in for such an interview. Had I done so, although I’m sure no charges would have been brought, what it would have meant is that on police files somewhere would have been a mention of me being interviewed under caution on suspicion of harassment (I’m guessing, although I was never told specifically). The result of that would be that should I have any involvement with the police in the future, they would bring it up, and wouldn’t for one moment believe me when I said to them that it was for merely copying someone in on an email. They would just say, “it must have been more than that”.

30.   Why do you think being copied in on an email, which was only in response to your line manager’s email anyway, was worthy of a police officer’s time?

31.   Why do you think it more worthy having the police deal with something like that then allowing me the opportunity to take my own private legal action against that thug, Paul Stewart, especially when the justice system had let me down?

32.   Why do you think it’s been acceptable to take up my time, to take up your own time when you’re employed in the public sector, to take up the time of Aaron Moss, to take up the time of that barrister, to take up the time of my MP, to take up the time of judges and court staff, and finally to take up the time of that detective?

33.   And if you think that you’re really not that bad then prove it: take legal action against Paul Stewart for me. Get compensation for me, half of which I would use perhaps for plastic surgery or counselling, and half of which I would give to my poor father, for having had to drive up to London that Christmas Eve in what was a five-hour roundtrip for him. Or start a private prosecution against Stewart for ABH. If you’re not willing to do either of those things after having behaved so badly, and you cannot or will not persuade your colleagues to do so on your behalf, then don’t expect me to ever drop this issue.

34.   You, Natasha, are quite definitely the one in the wrong here. And I’m not going to forget that.

Being sent the material in January

35.   After a year of asking, I was finally sent the material that I needed in January.

36.   I’m trying not to use strong language in this document but that was just taking the piss. What on earth was going through the minds of people in that legal department to do that?

37.   How was the Met able to send me that evidence in the end without a court order?

38.   Why wasn’t it sent to me in September?

39.   Why wasn’t it sent to me a year ago?

40.   Why did you pay for a barrister to prevent me getting it when I wanted it?

41.   As the Met sent me that evidence without a court order, presumably Natasha and/or her line manager will be sacked as a result?

42.   Or alternatively, presumably Natasha and/or her line manager will be sacked as a result of not having sent it to me when I first asked, or at least in September?

43.   Or is it the case that people in that legal department, just like the deceitful judges that I have come across, just do whatever they want and then find some aspect of the law or policies to back up whatever they wanted to do in the first place?

Conclusion and final points

44.   I needed evidence that the police held to be able to take private legal action this thug. You could’ve just sent it to me in February or March last year. Instead, you point-blank refused to do so. There has never been any good justification of why not. In fact, Natasha waited two months and then sent my MP an obvious non-answer of a letter. Seriously, do you two think that I’m stupid?

45.   I am going to get my day in court. The question is, will that be defending a claim of harassment by Natasha, or will it be prosecuting a claim against that thug? I would much prefer the latter.

46.   I was actually embarrassed on behalf of that detective that had to contact me about this issue before. With that in mind, I plan on deleting without reading any emails from him. I will continue to contact Natasha. Therefore, a case would have to be brought against me.

47.   This is the point at which Natasha and Sarah Heron, and perhaps others, need to take a step back, think about what my attitude and behaviour is, and decide whether you’re actually going to not just not help me get justice, as in, not oppose me – it’s too late to take that attitude – but whether you’re going to put serious effort into helping me gain justice.

48.   Even I can see that getting justice for myself at this point will be extremely difficult. Frankly though, that is your problem, not mine. From DC Winters not being honest with me about what the second hearing was about three years ago, to Natasha getting the Met to pay for a barrister to defend my legal attempt to get the evidence I needed to take any sort of private legal action against that thug, the Met’s behaviour has been absolutely infuriating.

49.   So are you going to help me to gain justice or are you just going to report me to the police? If it’s the latter, which it’s almost certain to be because of the bitchy, selfish people you are, then do you actually understand that I’m serious when I say I’m going to pursue this issue for years to come? And do either of you realise that reporting me to the police will just further prove my point about what you’re like?

50.   Natasha may claim at some point that her mental health is being affected by this. But what about my mental health? What about how much this has all affected me? I repeat again that, for example, I’m the one with a scar on my nose, not Natasha.

51.   I say directly to Natasha: be advised that I am not going to go away until I receive justice. I will contact you, your husband, Bradley “wannabe secret agent” Dunn, and even your parents, the descriptions of you on my blog will get harsher and harsher, and I will do whatever else I can possibly think of, until the day I receive justice.

52.   You have brought this upon yourself Natasha.

53.   You want to treat people with no humanity? Fine. I can’t force you to change, to be decent, conscientious people. But, in my own minor way, I can fight back. I can pursue this for years and years and years to come.

54.   I am a better, more decent person, than countless members of the British authorities, whether they be Natasha Dunn, Sarah Heron, DC Lara Winters, that deceitful judge or the judge that backed him up, or the magistrates that threw out a perfectly good case. When this case of “harassment” reaches court and some magistrates or a judge ignore all sense of morality, I will add them to the list and just say this: I am a better human being than all of you.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith


Sayings that I may not have heard yet but equally don’t want to hear:

I was just doing my job.

Well stop just going your job and do the right thing. Saying that you are just doing your job is one step away from saying that you are just following orders, and we know from history where that kind of attitude leads.

I am sorry that you are unhappy but…

I have sympathy for what happened, however…

If I say, “I’m not racist but…” or “I’m not racist, however…”, the words “but” or “however” cancel out what was said before them.

Sometimes words like that are just good ‘joining’ words in sentences, and I may well use them myself. A lot of the time though they really do show that what was said before them wasn’t sincere.

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