Update (16/02/19)

16th February:

Natasha, if you're reading this, if you had bothered to be in the slightest bit helpful, providing me with what I had requested near the beginning of 2018 or, at the absolute minimum, in September, instead of quite deliberately running down the clock, then I wouldn't for one moment have felt that I had no option but to try and contact you on Facebook.

YOU, Natasha, have denied me any chance of gaining any sort of justice against Paul Stewart. You, Natasha, YOU. I have found your behaviour to be utterly reprehensible. What gets me even more about this situation is that the Met provided me with most of what I had wanted for the last three years but without a court order. Why the hell couldn't that have been done early in the year or at the very latest in September?

It is you, Natasha, who are in the wrong. Your behaviour has denied me justice. Does that mean ANYTHING to you? Writing a short message on your public Facebook page was more than justified by your appalling actions. You should be apologising profusely to me for your actions. In contrast, my actions have been completely justified. Considering that you work for the police, you should be sacked for deliberately preventing me from gaining justice against a violent, thuggish black man.

You're just a crappy psychopath.

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