List of recent articles about police corruption

I should've created this page a long time ago but there have been so many articles recently that I can't put off doing so any more. This page was created on 4th Feb 2022. 

I'm not sure how far back to go but this will do for now.

Two Met police officers jailed over photos of murdered sisters

‘The police didn’t seem to care’: mother of Stephen Port’s first victim speaks out

Family of murdered Daniel Morgan to sue Met for damages

Police ‘ineptitude’ contributed to Stephen Port murders, says producer

Met apologises to woman for ‘sexist, derogatory’ language in strip-search

Activist deceived into relationship with Met officer wins £229,000 compensation

I was engaged to an undercover police officer - everything in the relationship was a lie

Met officers joked about raping women, police watchdog reveals

I recognise only too well the horror stories of misogyny in the Met

Fake serious incident signs erected in London to highlight police misogyny

As the scandals keep coming, distrust of the police has gone mainstream

London’s Metropolitan Police Service is failing on three fronts

Update on 8th May 2023:

I've been meaning to update this page for a while now. There are a lot of articles I should have been adding to it over recent months. I will just add a small number more for now. It shows how badly the Met Police behave that I'm adding these even though I'm not actually anti-monarchy.

Anti-monarchy protesters consider suing Met Police after 52 arrests

Coronation: Met Police had every intention of arresting protesters - Republic leader

Met Police lied to us, say arrested Coronation protesters

Arrests of coronation protesters were ‘premeditated’, says Republic chief

We are not Russia. Crushing protests was a stain on the Coronation - Daily Telegraph

‘I was arrested at the Coronation – and have now made some unlikely allies’ - Daily Telegraph

Added on 12th Sept 2023:

Selfie with Jacob Rees-Mogg used as ‘evidence of far-Right extremism’ by police

Horrifying article about the animals in the Counter-Terrorism Command

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