Justine Greening MP

Justine Greening seems to be a nice person but she is an ineffective MP who would like to be PM. I asked her to write to the Met Police to ask why they weren't willing to send me a small amount of material that the police held, which she did. They (or more specifically, Natasha Dunn) didn't get back to her for two months and even when they did, didn't actually answer her question. She simply put up with that. And she wants to be PM. Can you imagine what she would be like as PM when she had to deal with the intelligence agencies? If she asked questions of them at all, she would simply accept whatever reply she received, never mind if it was a disingenuous non-answer, like Natasha Dunn's was.

Also, as an MP in the governing party, presiding over a justice system which is falling apart, with really bad delays, judges with bad attitudes and where even complaints aren't dealt with for many, many weeks. Where crime is going up, police detection rates, already really low, are going down, and where she doesn't even support in her actions members of the public trying to take private legal action against offenders. You would think that as an MP in the Conservative party she would support people taking private action but no.

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