Document to judge Alan Saggerson

31st March 2021


To judge Alan Saggerson,



Re: your actions in a case and my detailed response

Claim number:



I have spent a considerable amount of time working on this document. I encourage you to read the entire document. Whether or not you do so, the entire document is online, at the above website address, and will remain there for the foreseeable future (perhaps for the rest of your life and beyond).


If you believe that any part of it is false then feel free to take out a libel claim against me. It is certainly defamatory. But it is true in substance and in fact.





1.       A brief background: I was assaulted on the 23rd December 2015 in Wimbledon. My car key was yanked out of the ignition and thrown in my face, causing a cut that a police officer described as “gruesome” and ABH. I had to abandon my car and walk home that night. This was a borrowed car and my poor father had to drive up from Dorset on Christmas Eve that year just to bring me the spare car key, in what was a five-hour roundtrip for him.


2.       Following deceitful behaviour by DC Lara Winters of Merton CID, there failed to be a trial against the overweight, middle-aged black man that had assaulted me, with him claiming abuse of process. Since then, I tried again and again to get some sort of justice by taking legal action myself. Every attempt failed, due to people like you.



Main legal attempts to get justice


3.       I submitted paperwork to the county court in Putney. This was rejected, with me receiving a scribbled note from a judge saying that I’d used the wrong form.


4.       Before you say that I wouldn’t have received a scribbled note from a judge, I did. Yes, really, I did. Simply denying something like this, as the next judge did, will just show that you are willing to go through life being ignorant.


5.       There were two possible forms I could have used. So I used the other one. Months of waiting later, there was then a hearing, in which a judge rejected my claim because, supposedly, I had used the wrong form.


6.       So I tried a third time, this time submitting both forms with the same written on both. I thought to myself, “get out of this one”.


7.       So what happens? Incredibly, this is rejected too! District judge John Hugman writes in an order:


In this claim the claimant says he is making the claim “in case a different judge takes a different view.” That is not a cause of action and this claim therefore is an abuse of process, the issue already having been determined at a hearing.


8.       The sentence that my above phrase comes from is as follows:


The claim form is merely there in case a different judge takes a different view as to which form I needed to use.


9.       As you can see, quoting just that phrase and not the whole sentence completely changes its meaning. It’s even worse when you see the whole paragraph that that sentence which contained that phrase was in:


Please note: back in January I submitted an application notice which was returned to me by the court with a handwritten note from District Judge Parker - please see attached copy. I then submitted a claim form. However, today in a court hearing, I was told quite clearly that I needed to have submitted an application notice. With this in mind, I am today submitting both an application notice and a claim form. The claim form is merely there in case a different judge takes a different view as to which form I needed to use. If an application notice is indeed the correct form to use then please just ignore the claim form. (I refuse to lose any more time due to submitting a form with the wrong two words at the top.)


10.   District judge John Hugman quite blatantly behaved in a deceitful manner.


11.   I twice tried complaining to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office, and both times they just sent me a standard letter in the post.


12.   So I tried appealing against Hugman’s deceitful decision. And that’s where you, judge Alan Saggerson, come in.


13.   There are two main aspects to this situation for which you deserve condemnation.




Failure to take action against a deceitful judge


14.   You sent me a General Form of Judgement or Order in which one thing you said was, “there is no other compelling reason why an appeal should be heard”.


15.   District judge John Hugman had blatantly been deceitful in his order. Not only that, but he had used that deceitful argument as the main reason for dismissing my claim.


16.   You didn’t argue that he hadn’t been deceitful. Instead, you acted as if I hadn’t said anything about Hugman’s deceitfulness. As a judge, you will know all about people not telling the whole truth. And yet, that is exactly what you have done here – failed to tell the whole truth.


17.   You haven’t admitted that he was deceitful. And you haven’t argued that he wasn’t. You have, quite deliberately, avoided the whole issue. A lie of omission is still a lie.


18.   As you, a senior judge, clearly think that it is okay to tell a lie of omission when it suits you, is it okay for me to do so too? Is it okay for other members of the public to not tell the whole truth either?


Failure to allow an appeal to succeed due to its merits


19.   I was trying to get justice for myself having been let down by police corruption.


20.   One judge says that I used the wrong form. A second judge says that, er, I used the wrong form. A third judge appallingly dismisses my third attempt using deceitful reasoning.


21.   You, Alan Saggerson, not only refuse to allow my appeal but, like with John Hugman, arrogantly refuse to even allow me to come in for a hearing. Were you afraid that I would put you on the spot about Hugman’s deceitfulness?


22.   Clearly I had the same desired outcome from taking this legal action again, to get the evidence that the Met Police held. But to say that as a matter of law this issue had already been dealt with makes no sense. I had used the wrong form for the wrong reason. I was then trying again with the correct form for the right reason.


23.   To say that as a matter of law this issue had been dealt with says that even if I had used the correct form for the right reason to start with, it would still have been thrown out, and that makes no sense whatsoever.


24.   What you seem to be trying to say here is that if someone makes a mistake with the law, that that’s it for life. That is ridiculous, stupid and absurd, as it means that a mistake can result in a person being denied justice.


25.   Also, you mention due process but quoting someone out of context is clearly not due process. Then using that quote taken out of context as an argument for dismissing a case is clearly not an honest thing to do. And yet you said nothing about that. Your silence on the subject is complicity.


General comments about your corruption


26.   The fact is, the Met Police refuse to hand over evidence even in situations like that of the panel looking into the police’s handling of the multiple investigations into the murder of Daniel Morgan. Have a look at the panel’s report. So for judges to back them up, and especially to do so in a deceitful and wholly unreasonable manner, shows that at best you have no genuine understanding of what justice is, and at worst that you are thoroughly corrupt.


27.   I think the truth here, apart from the fact that you are deceitful and corrupt, is that you and these previous judges simply cannot handle the fact that you sometimes have to deal directly with members of the public. You are arrogant. You see yourself as being superior. And because you cannot bring yourselves to lower yourself, as you would see it, to the level of members of the public, you behave in a deceitful manner instead. You cannot bring yourself to admit that a member of the public is right and a judge is wrong. So as well as behaving in a deceitful manner, you come up with legal nonsense to try and back up what you’ve done. Again, if someone uses the correct form for the right reason, why would a judge just throw out a case? They wouldn’t. You know it and I know it.



Some concluding points


28.   You, judge Alan Saggerson, are deceitful and corrupt. Again, a lie of omission is still a lie. The previous judge, John Hugman, blatantly misrepresented what I was doing and what I said, and you didn’t do a single thing about it.


29.   You two are both in the wrong. I am in the right. If you think otherwise, judge Alan “liar” Saggerson, then take legal action against me for what I’ve published on this site for the world to see. Or you can contact judge John “deceitful moron” Hugman and encourage him to take legal action against me. I will see one or both of you in court.


30.   By the way, the only reason I include the word “judge” here – you simply don’t deserve that title – is because I know that it will be good for anyone who ever searches online for you. It will make it easier for them to find this site and so to find out what you are truly like. Your reputation will become worse and worse. Also, if you are dismissive of my style of writing here then you clearly have no empathy for how upset I have every right to be with your behaviour.


31.   Your position as a judge, as long as you continue acting in this deceitful, corrupt and insulting way, is utterly meritless. It is a total waste of taxpayers money to keep employing you.


32.   Finally, I know that, should you actually respond to this document, you will probably attempt to dismiss it as a “rant” or a “diatribe”. Neither is the case of course but you won’t care. No, you will do so because you know that you are in the wrong and that you have no good arguments against what I am saying here. You will attempt to dismiss it out of hand as there is nothing else you can do.



You could always help get justice for me. You could use your intellect and experience and figure out a way in which I could gain justice against the thug who assaulted me – read the very first point in this document again. You could show your underlying decency. You could show your true character. You could show that you genuinely do care about ethics.


But I imagine you will come up with a dozen different reasons for why you couldn’t possibly do that. They will all be excuses though.



Either I see you in court for one reason or another, or all of the above, and worse, will stay online permanently.



Yours sincerely,






John Smith






The website address I selected when setting up this site (using Google’s software for creating blogs), is clearly not one that I could, for example, shout out to passersby if I had been arrested and was being taken through an airport in handcuffs by police. So I registered several other domain names which currently redirect to this website, which would be much easier to remember by said passersby. These are:


As you can see, one of them is That is such a simple domain name, and as it is your name, that a journalist searching online to find out more about you would probably find it.


By the way, don’t worry about the cost of them. The five domain names cost in total about £20 for a year.


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