Letter to judge Alan Saggerson

The following is a letter I will be sending to judge Alan Saggerson, who is a judge at the County Court at Central London, as soon as I get round to it. I've removed a few personal details.

30th March 2019

Judge Saggerson
County Court at Central London
Thomas More Building
Royal Courts of Justice

Claim number: ***

On reading the General Form of Judgement or Order, my response is as follows:

1.  I quote, “there is no other compelling reason why an appeal should be heard”. District judge Hugman was deceitful in his order. That is quite clearly a compelling reason to hear an appeal.

2.1  As I said before, the logic that this judge used to justify his order was based on lies and straw man arguments.

2.2  For you not to recognise this shows quite clearly that you are unfit for your position. You are either wholly incompetent or you are as equally deceitful as he is.

3.  I quote in its entirety paragraph 14 in my Grounds of appeal – skeleton argument:

This order is manifestly unjust as (a) I don’t receive what I require in order to take out a personal injury claim against a man who assaulted me, leaving me with a small scar on my nose; (b) it is insulting to me and harms my reputation (at least within the justice system); and (c) if it isn’t overturned then a judge will have got away with engaging in blatantly deceitful behaviour, which can only be bad for the justice system.

4.1  I quote, “The DJ made a decision to strike out the Claim as being an effective duplication of a previous action”. This is just untrue. I had brought a new case, this time using the correct form and for the right reason. I just don’t know how I can explain this to you any more simply.

4.2  This was a different action, both in practice and in effect. For you not to recognise this just shows stupidity or that you are deceitful.

4.3  The point of principle here is that a judge was deceitful and that it is manifestly wrong to allow that to stand.

4.4  By allowing it to stand, you are bringing the entire justice system into disrepute.

5.  As I find it hard to believe that you could have got to your level in the justice system if you were incompetent or stupid, I have to conclude that you are deceitful.

6.  Due to the above, your position as a judge is wholly without merit.

7.1  I have added you to a one-off blog which I created as a result of my intense anger at the way that the British authorities have behaved regarding this incident:


7.2  The longer it takes you to contact me to apologise for your actions, the worse the description of you will become.

7.3  The contents of this blog are backed-up on an online storage site which isn’t based in the UK.

8.  I quote a section of this blog:

If people are treated badly by those in authority then you can only expect them to respond negatively. With judges like these two deceitful prats, I have absolutely no respect for the law whatsoever.

If the behaviour of people in authority is bad, then you have no right to complain when members of the public behave badly too.

You might complain nonetheless, but the totally understandable response will be, "I couldn't care less what you think".

For all the people mentioned on this blog: when you come across members of the public who have behaved badly, whether criminally or otherwise, just remember that YOUR behaviour has negatively influenced the nature of British society. In your own way, YOU have brought it upon yourself.

Disagree with that? I couldn't care less what you think.

Yours sincerely,

John Smith

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