Update (13/02/19)

New update - 13th February:

In January, when it was too late to take legal action against Paul Stewart, the Met finally sent me the video footage that I had been trying to get out of them for almost three years. Over the past year and especially since about September, they have known full well the deadline I had. But incredibly, despite going on for a year about how they simply had to have a court order in which to release it, they just emailed it to me! Talking about taking the ...

Now, not only has Natasha Dunn not been in contact with me to apologise profusely for not having sent me this video footage several months if not a year ago, she has made the allegation that I am harassing her! But - and get this - the sole complaint is that, after her line manager emailed me and asked me not to contact her, I replied to that email and copied her in on it!!!

That was back on the 14th January, so about a month ago. Since then I haven't contacted her at all. She clearly can't handle being exposed for the (non-violent) psychopath she is and so racked her brain to come up with any way she could possibly legally get back at me. All she's doing is further proving that I'm right about her: she has an absolutely appalling, psychopathic attitude.

So we now have the situation where a police detective in the Met, probably based in a building five minutes walk away, wants to interview me under caution. (He's been very polite so I'm not going to name him.) This would cost the Met more time and money of course. And I'm certainly not going to allow Natasha to waste my time like that.

Ultimately, this whole situation with the Met over the past few years has shown just how far they are willing to go to protect a violent, thuggish black man. Why keep mentioning that he's black? Because the Met have gone out of their way to protect him.

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